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Titel: What is Fentun for?
Beitrag von: Nike am 12. Dezember 2007, 06:25:16
F entun's program understands Microsoft's Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF). Register it as Netscape's helper application for "application/ms-tnef", and you will be able to extract attachments embedded in the TNEF. It should be easy enough to use Fentun with other e-mail programs as well.

And what the %$&# does that mean?

Fentun gives non-Microsoft e-mail programs the ability to see attachments included in an e-mail message by a Microsoft e-mail composer.

Here's an example:

Mike runs Microsoft Look-Out! (I mean Outlook), and he sees a tripindicular Dilbert cartoon that makes him laugh so hard he nearly soils his seat. So he attaches the cartoon as a GIF image to an e-mail message, which he sends to his friend Noreen.

Now Noreen runs Netscape Communicator, and she receives Mike's message. After reading his message and realizing how funny the cartoon must be because Mike hardly ever laughs at anything except perhaps when he was at his grandmother's wedding and it was time to go to bed and, so as not to offend his relatives, he and his brother took one room and their better-halves took another but somehow over-nite, because of the unfamiliar surroundings and possibly that extra bit of mildly-sour cheddar cheese on the one-too-many hors d'oeuvres he had had during the fabulous reception when he danced the nite away and drank what some might call an exorbitant amount of Killian's Red but which he referred to as a mere scintilla of his normal partying dosage, his brother forgot with whom he was sleeping and, much to Mike's surprise and alarm, spooned himself around Mike and began nibbling on his ear, our good and as-yet unfamiliar friend Noreen starts to really look forward to seeing the cartoon. But alas, instead of the cartoon in the e-mail message, Noreen sees an "application/ms-tnef" attachment in the message. First she feels like crying, then she gets mad at Netscape for not being a cool enough program, and finally she realizes that it's just Microsoft tyring to make a new standard so they can make money each time they change it. So instead of succombing to her natural carnivorous tendencies and contemplating how best to obtain her revenge, Noreen adheres to her higher reasoning and uses the power of the Internet to gain a more expedient, less costly, and overall more fulfilling solution to her conundrum.

What she finds, after a bit of crawling across the Internet, is Fentun. After a pretty painless download and a quick run-thru of the "How do I use Fentun?" web page, she installs the program and registers it with Communicator to handle "application/ms-tnef" MIME attachments. Then she pops up Mike's message, double-clicks on the TNEF attachment, extracts the cartoon to a file, and opens the file using her most-favourite image viewer. And she laughs so hard she nearly soils her seat.

More about Fentun

Fentun runs under Windows '95 and Linux. If anyone sends an e-mail request for a Windows 3.1 version, I'll be happy to support that platform as well. It would take me a couple of days to change the source so it will work under a 16-bit operating system, so expect a 3.1 version within a week of e-mailing me.

If you're running another flavour of UNIX, I might be convinced to support your platform. Especially if you're willing to give or loan me a machine. Or if the operating system is freely distributed and the architecture it runs on is Intel-based.